Your creativity, enthusiasm and classroom should know no bounds. Add X-ACTO® Teaching Tools, and you can accomplish any of your classroom ideas. With our number-one brand of pencil sharpeners, precision cutting and crafting tools, paper cutters and more, you can create classrooms that help students make the grade. X-ACTO gives you project ideas, tips and tricks, too, to make sure your room always stays at the head of its class.

Bookmark It for Summer

It's the end of the school year, and one of the most important skills your students should keep up with during summer vacation is reading.

Welcome Back Bulletin Board Designs

It’s never too early to get a jump on next years classroom decorations. Just download these colorful designs and you have everything you need to create a spectacular “Welcome Back” bulletin board display!

Prep Your Classroom For a Successful Year

Preparing for the first day of school can be pretty overwhelming, especially if you are a new teacher. There are materials to organize, curriculums to plan, and bulletin boards to decorate.

Create a Classroom Time Capsule

It's an exciting time when a new school year starts. So many new faces, goals, and challenges for the upcoming school year.

Keeping Students Focused Before Winter Break with Holiday Crafts

It’s almost the holidays, and winter break is right around the corner. A great deal of your students may be preoccupied with images of sugarplums dancing in their heads.

Hello, My Name is Bulletin Board

It’s a new school year, a fresh start, and a classroom full of new faces. It’s a time to get to know your students and for them to get to know you. Sharing some of your interests with your class is a great way to connect with your kids.

Bookmark This

The weather is heating up, the flowers are blooming and the kids are getting restless. The countdown to the last day of school has already begun. Thoughts of vacations and staying up past 8 o'clock on a weeknight are on the minds of every child.

Spooktacular Halloween Projects

Spiders and Skulls! Bats and pumpkins! Halloween is in full force! Candy is on the mind of every student. Get their focus back into the classroom with some spooktacular fun! Have the students work on projects that you can use to decorate the room.

Fall Leaf Rubbing Classroom Project

The falling leaves outside can inspire a great interactive classroom activity or art project. Have your students each collect their own colorful Fall leaves from home, or if possible, structure a nature walk around the school grounds to hunt for good leaves to make rubbings from.

Make a Handprint Fall Wreath

A fun classroom project and decoration idea for Fall is to create a classroom handprint wreath. The colors of Fall are all around and you can easily bring them into your classroom with a little craftiness and the cooperation of your students.

Perfectly Positive Valentine's Day Classroom Project

Exchanging Valentines is a common activity in the classroom, especially with the younger grades. With the spirit of Valentines Day in mind, here is an easy and fun project to promote positive feedback and community in your classroom.

Holiday Fingerprint Art Project

If you are looking for a fun and simple winter classroom project before the holidays, look no further than the tip of your fingers.

Snow Day Winter Craft

There is something inherently fun about frozen bits of crystallized water falling from the sky! Every child knows the magic of snow—it has the power to suspend school days, it’s the ideal material to build a fort, and it’s perfect for high-speed hill action.

Shamrock Lesson Plans for St. Patrick's Day

One of the most recognized symbols of St. Patrick's Day is the the shamrock. Four leaf clovers are meant to be really lucky, and legend is that you can find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Luck of the Irish – Irish History & Traditions

Bring some St. Patty’s Day spirit to your classroom! Get out the green, and get ready to party! St. Patrick’s Day is March 17th.

Word-of-the-Day Spring Garden Interactive Bulletin Board

This is a great interactive bulletin board idea that can be adjusted for any grade level. Reading fluency and comprehension are one of the most important skills a kid can learn as they progress in school.

Fun Ways to Celebrate National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month. Reading and writing poetry can be such a rewarding and fun classroom activity.

Celebrate the Earth this Earth Day!

April 22nd is Earth Day! It’s a chance to talk with students about our impact on the planet and ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle some of our trash.

Getting the Classroom Organized by Reusing Everyday Items

Get a little creative by using everyday materials to organize your classroom materials. The best part is, you are giving back to the environment too.

Teacher Appreciation Day Projects

Teacher Appreciation Day is Tuesday, May 7th. It’s time to reflect on the great teachers that have touched and inspired us—teachers who have provided a sturdy foundation for working with a new generation of young people.

Easy Ways to Promote Reading in the Classroom

Every teacher knows that reading is one of the most important components of any classroom, no matter what age the student is.

Father's Day Word Play Craft

Have you planned a Father's classroom project yet? Here is a great one that involves a little interactive word play.

Label with Style and Get Organized with Custom Made Labels

No need to get overwhelmed by the mound of school supplies needed for the new school year. Get organized in style and flair by sorting each supply into jars with handmade labels.

What's Your Camp Sign?

A great summer project for kids is creating a camp twig sign. It is an inexpensive way to keep kids busy and connect with nature. The project can start with a hike, where the children collect twigs, bark, acorns, and shells.

Appreciation Day

Teacher appreciation day is a day for others to show their appreciation to you! But what about making sure you appreciate yourself?

Life Lessons

Why did you become a teacher? Is it because you like kids? Or because you love sharing knowledge? Maybe you had a teacher who inspired you. When you started, did you have any idea about everything this career entails?

Brilliant Classroom Bulletin Board Ideas

Does it feel like you just put up your board, and now it's time to take it all down again? Time for new designs, new ideas. What haven't you tried? How about using old wallpaper, tablecloths or imitation grass for backgrounds?

Put Yourself at the Top of the Class with this Creative Dry Erase Board!

Spring break is coming up, and that means a break for kids and especially for you hard-working teachers. This break, take a moment to reward yourself and create this great affirmation write-on/wipe-off frame that you can personalize for yourself every day!

Teach Math Concepts with Paper Snowflakes

Teach math symmetry through paper snowflake making. Make paper snowflakes with precision tip scissors.

Seasonal Class Photo Shoot

Santa’s on the scene! Use the templates provided to create large, seasonal boards with holes for students to put their faces through. Then just get out the camera and snap some pics! Capture the class pictures everyone will want to share all season long!

Fun with To-Do!

Get things done and have fun doing it with these interactive to-do lists. Download them all to get things finished at home or in the classroom.

Say Thanks with a Thanksgiving craft!

Thanksgiving is coming and it’s a great time to incorporate gratitude into the curriculum. Teaching children the value of appreciating the good things in life, as well as the people around them, is a great life lesson.

Give it a Frame!

Showcase something in your classroom with colored foam board that you have cut into frames. You can create an easy foamboard frame using our Foamboard Cutter.

Recap the School Year

As the weather heats up, students (and teachers) are gearing up for summer break. While there are still a few weeks left of school take the time to have your students think back on all the things they’ve learned throughout the year.

Tips on Using & Teaching Photography in the Classroom

We are definitely living in the digital age, and that includes the use of the digital camera. More and more this accessible electronic can be used as a tool in the classroom.

Presidents’ Day Crafts

This year Presidents’ Day will be celebrated on, February 18th. The origin of this holiday was to celebrate the life and works of George Washington.


The patented X-ACTO® Quiet pencil sharpener is 4X quieter than a typical electric classroom sharpener. Specially designed to deliver a softer sound at an ultra low decibel that won’t disrupt the class. It’s the durable, easy to use sharpener that will keep your class running smoothly and quietly.

Using Pinterest as a Tool

A great way to learn new teaching techniques or classroom projects is to collaborate with others in your field. Just as you collaborate with your colleagues, there is also a huge community of teachers who share ideas and inspirations on the internet social platform called Pinterest that you can tap into. If you have pinned ideas or clippings before on a bulletin board, you will love "pinning" ideas found on other websites onto this electronic bulletin board tool. Once you are a member, you can create your own boards, follow other boards, and search for ideas. Pinterest may become your favorite electronic teaching assistant. Get more project ideas, tips, and tricks for your classroom.

Create a Real Rainbow in Your Classroom

Secure a small mirror inside a clear glass cup or jar at a 45 degree angle. Then fill with water. Turn off your classroom lights and shut all curtains or shades to make room as dark as possible. Have a student help by holding a white board next to the glass. Shine a flashlight on the mirror creating a real rainbow that should shine on the white board. Experiment with the different light patterns you get when you move the light around the mirror. This is a great display of how water molecules bend the light to create a rainbow.

Teacher’s Assistants

One of the best win-win time saving tips for teachers is to make a list of jobs that your students can help with. Assign a new group of kids to take care of each job each week/day and you will have your classroom running like a well-oiled machine. The kids will take pride in their accomplishment and responsibility, and you will know that the little jobs are taken care of.


The X-ACTO 12” Personal Razor Paper Cutter goes where you go. It’s lightweight and durable while being able to perform the job of most stationary trimmers. The cutter has holes to fit into a standard 3-ring binder for easy transport. Its 3” wide base is the perfect size to align your pages for each cut. Be sharp and don’t leave home without it.
X-ACTO SharpX Performance Pencil Sharpener

Smart Sharpening

We hope teachers appreciate our new class of sharpeners. The X-ACTO SharpX Performance Electric Pencil Sharpener is the “smart” sharpener! Its patented X-ACTO fly-away cutter system senses when the pencil is sharp. With its multiple pencils selector and LED indicator, it’s sure to be at the head of your class.

Math Concept Tic Tac Toe

Give a classic kid's game a new spin while teaching an early learning math concept. Instead of x's and o's, kids can choose to be odd or even numbers. You can easily make game pieces with a circle cutter and numbers that you have printed out on a sheet of colored paper. Make an instant mobile tic tac toe board with four craft sticks arranged accordingly.

Spooky Spiderwebs Classroom Art Project

Looking for a great spooky holiday classroom display? Try this fun craft and hang spiderwebs that glow all around the classroom for a webby wonderland. Give everyone a piece of black construction paper and some glow in the dark glue or puffy paint. Squeeze some in a cup or small plate on each table, and have them use toothpicks or paintbrushes to draw and create their own spiderweb designs. The best part is that they will stand out in the daytime, and glow when you turn off the lights. Tie the craft into a lesson and explore the different types of web-like traps and the science behind it. Did you know that spiderweb silk is stronger than steel comparatively in terms of weight? Amazing!

Top 5 Things I'm Thankful For Turkey Craft

Kids tracing their hands and turning them into turkeys has been a classic Thanksgiving project for many years. You can take it a step further, and have them turn their "turkeys" into a "Top 5" list of the things they are most thankful for this season. Using thin colored markers to color code, have their write one of their thoughts of gratitude on each finger. The writing and texture of the words creates a cool texture for each "feather". Add an eye, beak, and waddle and have them doodle in their names on the body to complete the thankful turkey. Display around the classroom for a great menagerie of thankful thoughts!

Stand Up and Be Stapled

This is where form and function are stapled together. The Palm Standup® Manual Stapler is designed for making paperwork quick and efficient. It is a full size stapler ergonomically designed to fit your hand like a glove. It stands ready and waiting to staple up to 12 sheets as quickly as you can say “I’m done.”  

Flash Card Classroom Décor

Create a fun classroom garland using our 1 Hole Punch,  string, and a set of flash cards. What a fun and decorative way to inspire more learning in your classroom!
X-ACTO Pencil Sharpeners for Classrooms

Non-Distraction Pencil Sharpener Classroom Tip

An electric pencil sharpener can be a teacher's favorite tool, but it can sometimes cause a distraction in the classroom. How many times has your lesson been disrupted by a student who has broken a pencil? One tip is to have a large container of already sharpened pencils ready on your desk, and a second one for unsharpened ones. Assign the sharpening of pencils as a classroom task. Next time a student needs a sharpened pencil, they can quietly get one from your desk and place the broken one in the queue to be sharpened later.

The Pro in Pro-fessional

The X-ACTO ProX® is a commercial-grade electric pencil sharpener featuring a durable, all-metal base. It runs smooth and quiet with patented SmartStop® technology. A blue LED light glows when your pencil is perfectly sharp. No waiting, no guessing. It’s how the professionals sharpen.

Storing Your X-ACTO in the Classroom

Your X-ACTO knife is a key tool for many projects, but how do you keep it safe from curious hands in the classroom? A little trick is to keep your blade secure in your knife, but with the blade pointing inward. Unscrew your blade from the housing and carefully remove the blade. Put the blade facing in and carefully tighten and screw the blade back in. The sharp edge will be out of harms way from fingers and from chipping.
X-ACTO Platinum Plus Full Strip Stapler Value Pack

Platinum Pack

Maximize your time with X-ACTO’s Platinum Plus Full Strip Stapler Value Pack. It comes with 5,000 staples, which means you won’t be running out anytime soon! The sharp looking metal body holds full strips of staples and can power through 20 sheets at one time. Forget a page? This pack includes a retractable staple remover too.

Make Earth Day Every Day!

You can incorporate Earth Day themes into your classroom year round. The Earth's resources are so important to everyone's future, that it deserves daily practices. Encourage recycling when possible. Teach the concept of water conservation and how each student can help limit their global footprint. Education and information is the key to working together to ensure our world is full of green grass, blue skies, and plenty of resources to fuel this generation as well as the many more to come.

Hole in Three

The X-ACTO Economy 3 Hole Punch makes paperwork a breeze. Its all metal construction and super sharp hole punches glide through multiple sheets of paper. The soft grip feature allows you to get the job done with comfort and ease. 

Heavy Duty Space Saver

The X-ACTO Redline Half Strip Stapler is a FULL power tool, yet half the length of a standard stapler. This mighty little stapler doesn’t mess around with hard-to-find small size staples—it uses half a strip of standard. It’s as tough as a full size stapler for bulletin boards and term papers, but saves you valuable desk space.

Making the Most of Morning Bell Time

Get the most out of the beginning of your school day. Morning bell time is the precious time when students are getting settled and attendance is being taken. This doesn't have to be wasted time for you or your students though. Get kids focused right away by letting them know every morning what your expectations are. This could be designated reading time, for instance. Since your students know exactly what to tackle at the beginning of each day, you can take this time to set up the rest of the school day in peace.

Create a Snowman Chain

A fun way to start the new year with your classroom is with a class project. Add some new wintery decorations with a classroom snowman chain. Use your precision tip scissors to create your snowman paper chain and have your students decorate and customize each one.

Keeping a Clean Board

Have you ever had trouble getting old dry erase marks off of a board? Or maybe you have accidentally used a permanent marker on a dry eraser surface? No worries, this quick tip will help you keep a clean board in your classroom all year long! Simply draw over old dry erase marks or permanent marker with a fresh dry erase marker. Cover the whole area, then erase completely. You old and new marks should be completely erased!

For that Decorative Edge

Don’t allow your paper to have dull edges! Add some zig and zag with X-ACTO’s Decorative Edge Scissors Zig Zag Pack. This pack includes 4 different designs: Zig Zag, Short Wave, Victorian, and Tiara. Each style brings more fun to your designs than the last! Get cuttin’!
Create a thankful classroom chain

Build a Classroom Thankful Chain

Teach your class that you don't have to celebrate gratitude only one day a year. Start a thankful classroom chain, and fill it up until the end of the year. In the season where many are making their holiday wish lists, it is a great opportunity to remind them about also making a gratitude list. With small strips of colored construction paper, have your class once a week, or once a day, fill out a thankful thought and join them together with a stapler to create a cool paper chain. String all along your classroom for an instant holiday decoration that reinforces thoughts of gratitude. Get more project ideas, tips, and tricks for your classroom.

Color in the Lines

It’s every kids dream—no more dull crayons. With the CrayonPro® Electric Crayon Sharpener, dull crayons become like new again. This one-of-a-kind tool features a heavy-duty motor and automatic paper-peeling function.  More sharp crayons means more happy, busy kids.

The Multi-tasker’s Stapler

Ever find yourself doing 6 things at once? Then this X-ACTO Palm Tacker Stapler is the tool for you. No more lining up papers and placing them into the stapler. This time-saving tool staples multiple pages with just one hand and a tap. It also has an ingenious wrist wrap that makes a job, like a bulletin board, a snap–or rather a TAP!

Become a Headline Pro

Prepping and planning your classroom decor is an integral part of prepping for a successful school year. When it comes to hanging headlines on your bulletin boards, there are just a couple things to consider. Whether you buy ready-made letters or cut your own for your classroom bulletin boards, follow these simple tricks to become a headline pro. First lay out your letters on a table. Find the center of the bulletin board and mark it. Attach your letters onto the bulletin board starting from the center and working your way out on each end. This will ensure that your spacing stays centered. Headlines are usually spaced tighter than small letters, so don't be afraid to let some letters touch if the spacing works. Also, consider that some rounded capitals, like the O or C, are a little taller than the more square counterparts like the M. Make sure to accommodate accordingly. Using these tips can ultimately save you time and create attractive headline displays.

Making the Cut

The X-ACTO Designer Series Rotary Paper Cutter precisely cuts up to 5 sheets of 20 lb. paper at one time. It is small and compact with a concealed blade, making it a safe paper cutter to use in any classroom. When it comes to desk accessories, this one makes the cut.

A Teachers Hidden Gem

The Designer Series Retractable Knife is the ideal classroom accessory for teachers. Its comfortable grip and sharp blade make it the go-to knife for bulletin boards and classroom prep. And with its retractable blade, you can feel safe with it hidden away in your desk.
Try the Team Spirit classroom activity

Team Spirit

Try this interactive classroom activity next time you are making new group seating assignments. Have each group create a team name, and design their own team banner or pennant. Supply each team with precut pennant or banner shape to decorate. Display them in the classroom on each group of desks or around the room. Use this to build team spirit by having team behavior bonus points or awards. Get more project ideas, tips, and tricks for your classroom.

Stay Sharp as a Tack!

One of a crafter’s most versatile and satisfying tools can be a set of decorative scissors. You can easily bring new life to a paper project with a simple, yet special cut. But have you ever tried to sharpen your decorative scissors? Not so easy. One simple solution is to use everyday aluminum foil. Simply take a sheet of aluminum foil and fold it over many times. Cut into foil with your scissors a couple times, and you should be good to go! This works for paper punches as well!

“I used an X-ACTO knife to cut corkboard pieces and make them into a map of the USA to help kids lea

The right tool can get any job done quickly. Jenny's corkboard project could have proven daunting if she approached it with everyday scissors. But the small, sharp blade of an X-ACTO knife gave Jenny the control and precision she needed for the task. X-ACTO blades can help teachers like you cut around the ins and outs of anything, even the United States! 

Tips on How to Beat Holiday Stress

The holidays inevitably make everyone's schedule and life more stressful outside of school hours. With a little planning, you can relieve some of that stress in the way you structure classroom time to ensure you fit in all of your holiday activities as well. Make sure to utilize independent study time to the fullest. Use this time to catch up on grading and planning. Try structuring in-classroom presentations instead of sending home more projects to grade later. Or try partnering students together in a mentoring capacity where the more advanced can help their peers. With a little extra planning now, you will be sure to fully enjoy the holiday season.

Color Me Organized

It’s easy to stay organized when you add a little color coding to your files. Color code your folders and divide each into tasks (for instance, to do, to file, to read, to hold). Many teachers find it helpful to also color code files for different categories, like blue for student info, yellow for lessons, etc

Sharpen with Personality

What sharpens, grins and wobbles all over? The Wobble Topple Battery Pencil Sharpener! Its unique design gives this sharpener a playful wobble motion. Choose from three vibrant colors—apple green, purple, or orange. For extra personality, every Wobble Topple comes with wacky face stickers. Sharpening has never been so much fun!