teachers' Projects

Snow Day

There is something inherently fun about frozen bits of crystallized water falling from the sky! Every child knows the magic of snow—it has the power to suspend school days, it’s the ideal material to build a fort, and it’s perfect for high-speed hill action.

Keeping Students Focused Before Winter Break with Holiday Crafts

It’s almost the holidays, and winter break is right around the corner. A great deal of your students may be preoccupied with images of sugarplums dancing in their heads. To bring their thoughts back to the classroom, we have some simple activities centered around the holidays with templates you can print.

Seasonal Class Photo Shoot

Santa’s on the scene! Use the templates provided to create large, seasonal boards with holes for students to put their faces through. Then just get out the camera and snap some pics! Capture the class pictures everyone will want to share all season long!

Holiday Fingerprint Art Project

If you are looking for a fun and simple winter classroom project before the holidays, look no further than the tip of your fingers.