Work St. Patrick's Day into Your Lesson Plan

Work St. Patrick's Day into Your Lesson Plan

One of the most recognized symbols of St. Patrick's Day is the shamrock. Four leaf clovers are meant to be really lucky, and legend is that you can find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. If you believe in luck or not, you can create a fun lesson plan around this green leafy symbol and introduce a number of fun lessons using the shamrock.

Try a shamrock word puzzle activity.

  • Write each letter of the alphabet on shamrock shapes, separating the vowels from the consonants.
  • Create a fun "shamrock spelling" lesson, by randomly pulling 2 letters from each pile.
  • Post the 4 letters on the board and set a timer to see how many words your students can make from the selected letters.
  • Winning combos could get gold coins as prizes.

How about some shamrock math?

  • Practice math facts by writing the numbers 1-12 on two sets of shamrock shapes.
  • Randomly pick a number from each pile
  • Decide whether to have your class add, subtract, multiply, or divide them.

Create a shamrock scavenger hunt.

  • Divide your class into groups
  • Give them clues written on shamrocks that will point them to a place in the classroom, where another clue will be hiding
  • Continue until they reach "the pot of gold" or a special classroom prize.

However you use the shamrock shape in your lesson, it is sure to put your class in the Irish spirit. Have fun working St. Patrick's Day and Irish history into your next lesson plan. Want more Irish History classroom plans? View our Luck of the Irish Lesson Plan.