crafters' Projects

Christmas Countdown

Mark the days until Christmas with this adorably festive advent calendar. As Christmas gets closer, the tree fills with ornaments. Just print, cut and tape, and you’re on your way to Christmas Day!

Christmas Display Album

The time has come to bring down those boxes marked “Christmas” from the attic. It’s the season when we unpack the special items that we only see briefly once a year.

Snowman Holder

Who wants to waste valuable sledding time searching for their missing glove? This adorable snowman holder creates a helpful place to keep scarves, mittens, hats and gloves. Bringing this snowman to life is simple!

Let It Snow on Your Memories

Snow can be a wonderland of fun to a kid. If you have captured some fun snowy moments with your camera, a great way to showcase and highlight them is to build a beautiful snowy scene around them on paper.