• #4 Bulldog Clips

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#4 Bulldog Clips

The X-ACTO no. 4 Bulldog Clip is a 3" metal clip. Our largest metal clip available, its strong, durable construction allows you to clip multiple pages together for ultimate organization at home or in your office. Featuring a lightweight design and easy-to-operate, spring-loaded action, the no. 4 Bulldog Metal Clip is tough enough for your largest tasks while remaining easy on your hands.

Our no. 4 Bulldog Clips are perfect for binding, organizing and storing large stacks of a variety of different materials without leaving lasting marks or unsightly scratches. Use our 3" Bulldog Metal Clips to:

  • Organize large quantities of photos or film
  • Secure important legal documents
  • Hold coupons
  • Use as a calendar marker
  • And many other uses

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