• School Pro® Replacement Cutter Carrier

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X-ACTO School Pro® Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener

School Pro® Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener


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School Pro® Replacement Cutter Carrier


Repair your old or damaged SchoolPro electric pencil sharpener with a replacement cutter from X-ACTO. Our replacement cutter carrier set features carbon and steel sharpened blades, ensuring your sharpener will operate at a higher level of performance. The replacement cutter carrier set includes the cutter, carrier assembly, gear rack and carrier drive gear. This set can repair X-ACTO SchoolPro pencil sharpeners: model numbers 1670, 1671, 1672, 1677, and 1678.

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Become a Headline Pro

Prepping and planning your classroom decor is an integral part of prepping for a successful school year. When it comes to hanging headlines on your bulletin boards, there are just a couple things to consider. Whether you buy ready-made letters or cut your own for your classroom bulletin boards, follow these simple tricks to become a headline pro. First lay out your letters on a table. Find the center of the bulletin board and mark it. Attach your letters onto the bulletin board starting from the center and working your way out on each end. This will ensure that your spacing stays centered. Headlines are usually spaced tighter than small letters, so don't be afraid to let some letters touch if the spacing works. Also, consider that some rounded capitals, like the O or C, are a little taller than the more square counterparts like the M. Make sure to accommodate accordingly. Using these tips can ultimately save you time and create attractive headline displays.