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X-ACTO SchoolPro® Electric Pencil Sharpener

SchoolPro® Electric Pencil Sharpener


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Replacement Cutter Carrier


Repair your old or damaged SchoolPro electric pencil sharpener with a replacement cutter from X-ACTO. Our replacement cutter / carriers feature carbon and steel sharpened blades, ensuring your sharpener will operate at a higher level of performance.

The replacement cutter / carrier includes the cutter / carrier assembly, gear rack and carrier drive gear. This set can repair X-ACTO SchoolPro pencil sharpeners; model numbers 1670, 1671, 1672, 1677, and 1678.

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Create a Real Rainbow in Your Classroom

Secure a small mirror inside a clear glass cup or jar at a 45 degree angle. Then fill with water. Turn off your classroom lights and shut all curtains or shades to make room as dark as possible. Have a student help by holding a white board next to the glass. Shine a flashlight on the mirror creating a real rainbow that should shine on the white board. Experiment with the different light patterns you get when you move the light around the mirror. This is a great display of how water molecules bend the light to create a rainbow.