Vortex™ Electric Pencil Sharpener

Vortex™ Electric Pencil Sharpener


The Vortex electric pencil sharpener from X-ACTO features an upright design and attractive, modern styling. Despite its compact design, the unit has a powerful motor and is able to run smoothly and quietly over extended periods of usage. The slide-out waste tray allows for easy clean up, making this model an electric pencil sharpener that can be used almost anywhere.

Vortex Electric Pencil Sharpener

  • Vertical design for convenient one-handed use
  • Features include a powerful DC motor and elegant styling
  • Hardened helical cutter for maximum precision and durability
  • Pencil Saver® technology prevents over-sharpening
  • Non-skid feet for safety
  • No electrical draw when not in use
  • SafeStart® prevents cutters from operating when receptacle is removed
  • UL listed (US and Canada)
  • 2 Year Warranty