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Rotary Replacement Blades

The X-ACTO patented rotary paper cutter blade cartridge creates precise, straight cuts through as many as 10 sheets of paper. The hardened steel rotary blade cartridge also cuts photos, cardstock, thin plastic and more. As an added safety feature, the cutting edge is only exposed when blade is engaged. Use with X-ACTO quality rotary paper cutters.

Also available with perforated cutting blade.

Build a Classroom Thankful Chain

Teach your class that you don't have to celebrate gratitude only one day a year. Start a thankful classroom chain, and fill it up until the end of the year. In the season where many are making their holiday wish lists, it is a great opportunity to remind them about also making a gratitude list. With small strips of colored construction paper, have your class once a week, or once a day, fill out a thankful thought and join them together with a stapler to create a cool paper chain. String all along your classroom for an instant holiday decoration that reinforces thoughts of gratitude.