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Plastic Guillotine Paper Cutter

<p> The X-ACTO 12&quot; plastic paper trimmer is the perfect companion for creating a scrapbook or other projects. The sturdy design and enhanced safety features make this plastic guillotine trimmer ideal for home use. The plastic base makes it easy to clean up glue or other adhesives.<br /> <br /> The X-ACTO guillotine style paper trimmer is an essential tool for hobbyists, craft artists, photographers or anyone needing to make multiple precision cuts for a perfectly straight edge every time. All of our guillotine paper trimmers are designed for precision and performance guaranteeing you will be able to cut through multiple sheets of a wide variety of different materials:</p> <ul> <li> All paper types</li> <li> Photographs and film</li> </ul> Our guillotine paper trimmersare engineered with only the finest quality materials to produce safe and accurate results every time. X-ACTO hardened steel blades feature our Perpetual Edge self-sharpening system, guaranteeing a perfect edge with every cut. Additionally, all of our guillotine paper cutters feature multi-level safety features to ensure your fingers stay away from the cutting blades. <p> &nbsp;</p>

Spooky Spiderwebs Classroom Art Project

Looking for a great spooky holiday classroom display? Try this fun craft and hang spiderwebs that glow all around the classroom for a webby wonderland. Give everyone a piece of black construction paper and some glow in the dark glue or puffy paint. Squeeze some in a cup or small plate on each table, and have them use toothpicks or paintbrushes to draw and create their own spiderweb designs. The best part is that they will stand out in the daytime, and glow when you turn off the lights. Tie the craft into a lesson and explore the different types of web-like traps and the science behind it. Did you know that spiderweb silk is stronger than steel comparatively in terms of weight? Amazing!