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  • 9''
  • 9” Guillotine Trimmer

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9” Guillotine Trimmer

<nobr>X-ACTO</nobr> Designer Series Guillotine Trimmer has a 9&quot; blade that precisely cuts 4 sheets of standard cardstock or 8 sheets of 20 lb. paper at one time. Pull out the trimmer top to reveal extra storage for your supplies such as <nobr></nobr><nobr>X-ACTO</nobr> knife, stamps, and other embellishments. <nobr></nobr><nobr>X-ACTO</nobr> is a recognized brand in precision cutting.<br /> <br /> Trusted by craftsmen, moms, students, and professionals alike, <nobr></nobr><nobr>X-ACTO</nobr> blades &ndash; included in our guillotine paper trimmers and other paper cutters - have provided precision cutting excellence for over 75 years; with a reputation for delivering the highest quality cutting instruments. With this rich history, it is no surprise that <nobr></nobr><nobr>X-ACTO</nobr> paper cutters surpass all expectations for precision quality, style and comfort. The Designer Series Guillotine paper trimmer comes from a line of reliable and versatile paper trimmers from <nobr></nobr><nobr>X-ACTO</nobr>. For precision cutting with a variety of paper products, look no further than <nobr></nobr><nobr>X-ACTO</nobr> &ndash; our paper trimmers get the job done right each and every time.

Cut a 360!

This knife gets around! The X-ACTO Swivel Knife has a swiveling blade that gives you the precision to cut tiny circles and intricate patterns. The uniquely designed blade rotates making a complete 360! This tool, with its light-duty blade, is perfect for cutting materials like film, paper or stencils.