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  • Decorative Shapes Templates
  • Decorative Shapes Templates
  • Decorative Shapes Templates

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Decorative Shapes Templates

Great for creating scrapbooking pages, card making, and paper crafting.
  • Slip and cut resistant
  • Perfect for creating layering effects
  • Makes decorative border cuts
  • More versatile than single punches
  • Use with X-ACTO swivel knives
Includes 46 shapes including mailing/gift tags, leaves and flowers, hearts and stars.

Getting a Clean Straight Cut

Your X-ACTO craft knife is invaluable when making clean cuts in paper, but when you need to make straight cut lines, it is best to have a couple of other tools to work in tandom with your knife. A self-healing mat of course adds the perfect surface allowing you to apply to correct amount of pressure when cutting without harming your work area. Along with a good self-healing mat, a straight-edged stainless steel ruler is essential. The ruler allows you to use the hard edge as a guide without nicking the ruler as you cut along your straight line. You should have a firm grip on our knife, without squeezing too tightly. One hand should be steady on the straight edge, and the other guiding the knife to perform a perfect straight cut every time.