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Circle Cutter

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The X-ACTO Designer Series Circle Cutter easily adjusts to cut any size circle up to 5 7/8” in diameter.Use the circle cutter with photos, paper, and cardstock.  Includes extra blades in storage compartment on the back of the circle cutter.

To adjust the size of the circle, loosen the adjustment knob and slide the circle cutter to the desired diameter using the inch and mm scales as a guide, then tighten the knob.

To cut or trace a circle, hold the circle cutter by the post and place the needle at the center of the circle. Rotate the circle cutter while pressing the blade or lead into the material. Use the centerpoint protector to avoid a needle mark at the center. Simply align the protector at the center of the circle and the place the needle in the hole on top.

Scrapbooking with Wood Accents

Wood accent pieces can bring extra flair and add dimension to your next scrapbooking project. You can find a variety of pre-cut shapes and small frames at your local craft store to choose from. The great thing about using wood pieces is that they are a prime canvas for embellishing. You can ink the edges of wood, paint them, chalk them, stamp on them, or even jazz up your wood piece with stickers or trim to add even more details. Whether you use bare wood pieces or embellish them, wood accents can add a natural texture to your next project.