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  • Basic Shapes Templates
  • Basic Shapes Templates
  • Basic Shapes Templates

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Basic Shapes Templates

X-ACTO Designer Series Basic Templates are great for creating scrapbooking pages, card making, and paper crafting.
  • Slip and cut resistant
  • Perfect for creating layering effects
  • Makes decorative border cuts
  • More versatile than single punches
  • Use with X-ACTO swivel knives
Includes 38 shapes including ovals, mailing/gift tags, rectangles, circles and squares.

Photography Tip - Creating the Perfect Bokeh

Have you ever wondered how to get the beautiful "blurry-background" effect when taking pictures of your crafty masterpieces? It's easier than you think with a little knowledge of how to use your camera's aperture settings. The official photography term for the blur in the background is bokeh. The first step is to make sure you are shooting your pictures in manual mode. Turn your camera's dial on the aperture setting (Av for Canon, A for Nikon) and set it to the lowest possible number. The lower the aperture, the blurrier the background should be. Have fun playing with the settings. You will soon be be a pro at highlighting your craft masterpiece in a beautiful photographic image with a lovely bokeh effect.