X-ACTO® is proud to support you with the tools you need to create your very best. For years, you’ve made us a part of your inspirations. And we’ve loved every moment and every memory. Now it’s our turn to help inspire you. Visit us here for project ideas, tips, templates and patterns. And let X-ACTO continue to play a part in making all your memories as special as they can be.

Summer GetAway Fold-Out Picture Frame Project

After a summer of family vacations, reunions, and road trips, your phone or camera is probably packed full of great vacation photos.

Crafting with Paint Chips

The craft store is a good resource for colorful scrapbook paper choices for your favorite paper craft ideas, but have you ever thought about the hardware store?

Paper Accent Cutting Tips

Add some pizazz to your next scrapbook page or project with handcut paper accents. Sometimes cutting a shape or design can be challenging, but with the aide of precision tip scissors, you can become a pro at cutting paper accents.

Organize your Craft Space with Style

It's a new year, and with that can come new motivation to get organized. Organizing your craft materials is a great way to take stock of the supplies you have and weed out any old supplies you may not need.

Handmade Stencils are Perfect Pattern Makers

Making your own stencil can be pretty simple, and it allows you to create some dynamic patterns. Start with a desired design and secure it under a piece of acetate or thin plastic from a see-through presentation folder with tape.

Create Beautiful Fall Prints with This Potato Craft

Certain craft techniques you never outgrow. Did you ever do potato printing as a kid? This Fall, revisit this simple, yet satisfying stamping technique and create some beautiful Fall leaf-inspired stationery.

Fall Leaf Pumpkin Centerpiece

Decorated pumpkins don't always need to be spooky. Now that Halloween has passed, try making this beautiful Fall centerpiece showcasing the changing leaves of the season.

Hang a Miniature Bunting Scrapbook Border

Mini paper pennants are a really cool way to showcase a scrapbook page, or add a little festive flair to a homemade card.

Spooktacular Greetings

Whether you need invites for a party or want to send a seasonal greeting, this 3-dimensional project is the craft for you. In just 6 steps, create an adorable card that will be a treat for all who receive it!

Our Little ‘Punkin’ Fall Picture Scrapbook Page

Zombies, ghosts, and ghouls are all gearing up for the best event of fall—Halloween! The chomping of little vampire teeth can be heard in anticipation of the sugary treats behind every door.

Christmas Countdown

Mark the days until Christmas with this adorably festive advent calendar. As Christmas gets closer, the tree fills with ornaments. Just print, cut and tape, and you’re on your way to Christmas Day!

Christmas Scrapbook Display Album

The time has come to bring down those boxes marked “Christmas” from the attic. It’s the season when we unpack the special items that we only see briefly once a year.

Jumbo Valentine Craft

Kids and kids-at-heart love Valentine’s Day! It’s a day to express our love for each other through flowers, cards, and candy.

Winter Kids Craft - Snowman Holder

Who wants to waste valuable sledding time searching for their missing glove? This adorable snowman holder creates a helpful place to keep scarves, mittens, hats and gloves. Bringing this snowman to life is simple!

Let It Snow on Your Memories With Our Scrapbook Picture Frame Craft

Snow can be a wonderland of fun to a kid. If you have captured some fun snowy moments with your camera, a great way to showcase and highlight them is to build a beautiful snowy scene around them on paper.

Painters Easter Egg Decoration Project

With the weather we’ve been having, it’s hard to believe that spring is bounding around the corner! It’s nearly time to get out the white dresses and bonnets!

Easter Decorations & Springtime Silhouettes

Dress up your Easter table with an Easter-themed table decoration. Start with a simple silhouette of a popular Easter object – maybe a bunny, basket, or simply an egg.

Branch Out With This Creative Wall Art Project!

Spring has sprung! (Or it will soon, depending on where you live.) Even if green grass and blooming flowers have yet to pop up in your neck of the woods, you can at least say goodbye to dreary winter days inside your home.

Leaf Edge Photo Mat Picture Frame Project

Add dimension to your photos! We all have piles, or files rather, of great photos we’ve snapped on phones, our digital devices, or maybe even an actual camera! At times it can seem like a chore to print them out.

Mom's Day Off

Mother's Day is May 13—Celebrating one of the craziest jobs on earth! Teaching a little human everything she knows. Making sure she's fed, clean, and safe. Even when she doesn't want to eat, insists on playing in the mud, and can't resist climbing on tables.

Celebrate Mom With A Mother's Day Craft

This Mother's Day, treat Mom like a queen that she deserves to be this year. Send Mom a card that's made from the heart.

Spotlight Dad this Father’s Day

Make dad or grandpa the star of the show this Father’s Day with an easy-to-make 3-dimensional photo card! All you need for this customizable card is: 1 great photo, mounting tape, and scissors. It’s the easy way to show him you care!

“X-ACTO knives are perfect for making really detailed sand art sculptures.” Mary W., Florida

Sandcastles and sand-sculptures used to be child's play. Not anymore. Today, sand art is a fascinating art medium that may be brand new to those of us not fortunate enough to live near the shore.

Home Décor Stencilling Tips

Create stunning home décor designs with stencil techniques.

Patriotic Pennant

Add some patriotic décor to your 4th of July party with festive red, white, and blue pennants. This simple project is a great way for kids of all ages to celebrate the holiday.

Patriotic Picture Frame Project

The Fourth of July means parades, family cook-outs, fireworks, and photos! It's the great summer celebration when we all come together as a nation.

Easy Paste Papers Crafting

Labor Day can signify the end of summer for many. It's the perfect long weekend to capture your favorite summer moments in a pretty journal covered in beautiful paper that you designed yourself!

Vinyl Can Be Your New Crafty Best Friend

When you think of vinyl, do you think of fake leather couches or vinyl records? If you are a crafter, you most likely have used this crafty material in a variety of projects.

It Starts with the Heart: Valentine Crafts

The holiday of love is right around the corner, and it's a perfect time to make some Valentines that come straight from the heart. Wondering where to begin?

Make Your Own Paper Leaves

Fall leaves are so beautiful to look at, but not so easy to preserve and craft with. You can create your own paper leaves with real leaf texture by stamping the leaf texture onto paper.

Fall Placemat and Coaster Craft

Thanksgiving is around the corner, and you may have started thinking about the food you are going to prepare. But have you thought about how you will decorate your table?

Get Centered

The X-ACTO Designer Series Zero Centering Ruler is perfect for getting to the middle of things. It has small holes along the ruler, making it simple to find and mark the center points on photos and crafts. The lightweight design makes it easy to handle and have on hand.

Letter Perfect Style

Create a cool initial letter wall decoration with scrapbook paper and your X-ACTO knife. Start with a paper mache or wood letter. Using the hard edge of your letter as a stencil and cut your decorative paper to size with your knife. Attach and seal the paper onto your letter using homemade decoupage made from Elmer's glue mixed with water. After it's dry, you have a beautiful wall or mantle decoration you can proudly display.

Getting a Clean Straight Cut

Your X-ACTO craft knife is invaluable when making clean cuts in paper, but when you need to make straight cut lines, it is best to have a couple of other tools to work in tandom with your knife. A self-healing mat of course adds the perfect surface allowing you to apply to correct amount of pressure when cutting without harming your work area. Along with a good self-healing mat, a straight-edged stainless steel ruler is essential. The ruler allows you to use the hard edge as a guide without nicking the ruler as you cut along your straight line. You should have a firm grip on our knife, without squeezing too tightly. One hand should be steady on the straight edge, and the other guiding the knife to perform a perfect straight cut every time.

Freezer Paper in the Craft Room

Crafting with fabric or felt? Freezer paper is a great tool to use when making a template. Simply draw your shape on the matte side of the freezer paper and iron it onto your fabric with the waxy side down. Use sharp precision scissors to cut out your shapes. Then simply peel off the freezer paper template from your cut out fabric pieces.

Cut with Style

Want a great looking cut? The stainless steel blades of the Designer Series 8” scissors deliver. With X-ACTO quality, these designer scissors make a clean, great looking cut every time. The 8” blade and snazzy pink handle make these the pair that goes with any project. 
Say it with paper flower and X-ACTO

Say it with Paper Flowers

It's amazing how much a paper flower can look like the real thing. There are so many different types of paper flowers that you can make with your X-ACTO knife, Precision tip Scissors, and pretty paper. Whether you roll, layer, or fold your paper into beautiful flowers, this gorgeous craft idea can be used in so many ways. Grab your tools and your creativity and start making your own beautiful bouquet.

Easy Cuts

Make crafting a breeze with this Designer Series 12” Rotary Paper Cutter. It has a handy pull out ruler for making quick measurements. The translucent pink cutting rail allows you to see exactly where you’re trimming. This tool is the perfect combination of style and function.

How Much Pressure?

How much pressure should you use when using your X-ACTO knife? Truth is, it’s probably less than you think. Too much pressure can break or chip the blade. If your blade is nice and sharp, you just need the right amount of steady pressure from your fingertip to go through your paper and nothing more. Practice a light steady touch to achieve the right amount of pressure.

Make Your Own Envelopes

It's easier than you think to make your own envelopes with paper of your choosing. Start with a pre-made envelope and steam open the glued edges. Create a quick template by drawing around the flattened opened envelope on a thin piece of board or cardstock paper. Trace onto your favorite piece of patterned paper, cut out with your X-ACTO knife and fold and glue back together.

Get a Grip

Grab on to this Designer Series GripsterTM Craft Knife and feel the difference. It has a plush hot pink rubberized comfort barrel. The stylish and secure grip gives you more control, which means more confidence when you cut. It’s the designer’s way to get a grip.

Bring it Around

The Designer Series Circle Cutter can trace or cut perfect circles up to 5 7/8 inches. It is ideal for scrapbooking, paper crafts, labels, hangtags, and more. The easy to adjust knob makes changing sizes a breeze. And with its built-in storage compartment for extra blades, it’s the perfect tool to have around!

Vintage Photos are In

Retro is in – when it comes to photo taking. Cameras and smartphones may be high tech, but making your snapshots look vintage or retro doesn't have to be. There are many photo filter apps and software now that can easily change an ordinary snapshot into a cool retro memory. Try using vintage looking photos in your next scrapbooking project and give your page a whole different feel.

Snip Snip

The Designer Series Precision Tip scissors are the tool to use when every snip matters. The short 5” scissor blade length ensures precise cutting and control. The comfort grip handle allows you to cut comfortably for as long as it takes to get the job done. 

Cut it Out!

Tired of the limitations of a single decorative punch? The Decorative Shapes Templates is a stencil that allows you to add design elements anywhere on a page! Each template is slip and cut resistant. There are 46 different shapes—you choose each shape and where you want it on your page. Included are gift tag templates that let you turn any paper into a tag!

Using Templates as a Tool

X-ACTO Basic Shapes Templates can be your next best friend in your crafty endeavors. You can create handmade gift tags in seconds, create homemade cards with flair, or add visual interest in your next scrapbook page with this handy tool. Use the templates by tracing your shape onto paper and then carefully cut it out with your knife or scissors. Once you try them, you will wonder what you ever did without these basic shape templates.
X-ACTO Designer Series 12-inch Metal Ruler

Crafted for Precision

 The X-ACTO Designer Series 12" Metal Ruler is the tool to grab for any craft. Its stainless frame and precise measuring makes it the perfect complement to the Designer Series Craft Knife. Whether you’re scrapbooking or crafting, this ruler is the reliable straight-edge that helps you make the perfect cut every time.

Gift it in Pictures

Crafting with photos makes perfect homemade gifts for friends and family. You can turn them into an ornament, personalize a frame, or even into a crafty picture wreath with a little creativity. Try using your photos in new and unique ways. Experiment with cutting them out in different shapes other than the traditional rectangle or square. In our examples, photos were cut out in a circle shape and made into a 3D ornament collage or attached to paper flower rose petals. Some of the most thoughtful and personal gifts you give are photo inspired ones that can be treasured for a lifetime.

It’s a Snap

The X-ACTO Foamboard Cutter takes the work out of cutting foam core, illustration board, and mat boards. It is designed to make 45 and 90 degree angles—you just need to hang on and cut. Its ergonomic handle and sharp blade ensure that every time you cut a board will be easy, quick, and professional looking. 

Homemade Gift Tags with Style

It's homemade gift craft season, but don't forget to dress up your gifts with gorgeous personal gift tags. It's a snap when you use your XACTO Decorative Edge Scissors! Cut tags in a variety of shapes and layer them to add dimension to your gift tag. Try cutting a strip from decorative scrapbook paper to make a paper ribbon to wrap around a box. Or, you can even try cutting a shape from self-adhesive vinyl to attach to a gift box for a unique label. With the decorative edged scissors, your packages will surely stand out and shine!

Messin’ Around

The Designer Series Craft Swivel Knife has a swiveling blade that cuts a complete 360°. Its unique blade, combined with its ergonomic styling, makes it a crafting powerhouse. Cutting intricate circles has never been so easy—or quick!
Creating a Bokeh Effect

Photography Tip - Creating the Perfect Bokeh

Have you ever wondered how to get the beautiful "blurry-background" effect when taking pictures of your crafty masterpieces? It's easier than you think with a little knowledge of how to use your camera's aperture settings. The official photography term for the blur in the background is bokeh. The first step is to make sure you are shooting your pictures in manual mode. Turn your camera's dial on the aperture setting (Av for Canon, A for Nikon) and set it to the lowest possible number. The lower the aperture, the blurrier the background should be. Have fun playing with the settings. You will soon be be a pro at highlighting your craft masterpiece in a beautiful photographic image with a lovely bokeh effect.
X-ACTO Designer Series Corner Rounder

Turn a Corner

The Designer Series Corner Rounder punch turns pointy edges into soft corners. This corner punch has a steel blade that cuts through materials with ease and precision. With just the squeeze of your hand, you can give any project a finished look.

Cut a 360!

This knife gets around! The X-ACTO Swivel Knife has a swiveling blade that gives you the precision to cut tiny circles and intricate patterns. The uniquely designed blade rotates making a complete 360! This tool, with its light-duty blade, is perfect for cutting materials like film, paper or stencils. 

Scrapbooking with Wood Accents

Wood accent pieces can bring extra flair and add dimension to your next scrapbooking project. You can find a variety of pre-cut shapes and small frames at your local craft store to choose from. The great thing about using wood pieces is that they are a prime canvas for embellishing. You can ink the edges of wood, paint them, chalk them, stamp on them, or even jazz up your wood piece with stickers or trim to add even more details. Whether you use bare wood pieces or embellish them, wood accents can add a natural texture to your next project.

Get Crafty with Wallpaper Sample Books

Looking for new material to craft with? How about up cycling wallpaper samples? Many wall covering retailers throw away those big books filled with patterned wallpaper samples once the new product lines come out. Most stores will give outdated books away for free. With a little legwork, and simply asking your local hardware or wall covering store, you could have a great crafty resource to create with. Try covering a wood frame with it, or cut out shapes from a variety of sheets and adhere to a canvas for a fabulous collage. Wallpaper can lend itself to so many crafty uses besides the traditional home décor project, so get crafting today!
X-ACTO Designer Series self-healing mat

The Healing Touch

X-ACTO's Designer Series self-healing mat features a special surface that enables it to absorb sharp cuts. After each slice from a blade, the mat “heals” itself and retains its original surface. That, combined with the guiding one-inch grid pattern, makes this mat an essential tool every craft room needs.

Scrapbook as Art

Take a page from your scrapbook and turn it into a perfect home décor piece. It's a great way to showcase a memory or special event on your walls. Showcase your page in a nice picture frame, or even attach it onto a canvas. Your walls will come alive with your personal style and creativity.

Up cycle Book Designs

As the saying goes, “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.”  Try shopping at a garage sale or in your nearest thrift store for your next craft project. For instance, an old hardcover book can have many new crafty uses. Many libraries even give away old out-of-date books for free. Try carving a secret treasure box out of the middle of a book. Or carefully cut out the text paper from a vintage book with your X-ACTO knife and use a backdrop for your next project. The fun is finding the crafty treasure out of something and up cycling it into something new.

Because Straight Edge is Boring.

X-ACTO decorative edge scissors add a little zig n' zag to every project. With stainless steel blades and 20% post-industrial recycled plastic handles, these scissors bring quality to every decorative cut. So cut it out with straight lines. Get decorative instead!

Craft yourself calm.

Could glitter and scissors really be the cure for stress? You bet! Research has shown that hobbies like crafting can reduce stress and boost your immune system. Experts say that 30 minutes a day spent working on an active hobby can greatly impact your mood and well-being. So find some time, grab your glitter, and discover the creative way to de-stress. 
Celebrate National Scrapbooking Day

Celebrate National Scrapbooking Day!

The first Saturday in May is designated as National Scrapbooking Day in the U.S. and what better way to celebrate, than to get crafting! Maybe you start a new scrapbooking technique you have been dying to try, or maybe you finish a project that is long overdue. Attend or host a crop or scrapbooking party. Whatever you choose, have fun celebrating your scrapbook craftiness on this day! We have craft and scrapbook ideas!
X-ACTO Designer Series Retractable Knife

Pretty and Pink Precision

The X-ACTO Designer Series Retractable Knife is the perfect crafting accessory. The #1 blade retracts completely into the body of the knife making it safe and convenient to have tucked in your pocket or loose in your bag.  Comfortable to use—with its anti-roll and comfort grip. It’s everything you love about X-ACTO, and it’s pink.