• The X-ACTO Z-Series features our sharpest blades yet

    Get ready to take precision cutting to a whole new level with the X-ACTO® Z-Series. Scientifically engineered to be our sharpest, most durable blades yet, Z-Series blades are the new gold standard in cutting.


    Go for the gold.

    Coated with zirconium nitride, the gold blade on the Z-Series No. 1 Precision Knife is a must for your most demanding cutting needs.


  • Three form-fitting slots hold the knives you use most. And you can store them with the blades in place. Keeps 10 additional blades. The sturdy, compact case with nylon shell makes it easy to keep your tools with you.

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  • X-ACTO offers the #1 best selling pencil sharpeners

    Only X-ACTO® offers the #1 selling pencil sharpener brand backed by an industry-leading warranty. Whether you choose an electric, manual or battery-operated pencil sharpener, with X-ACTO, you get a perfect point. Every time.

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    A classic. Reborn.

    The KS Manual Pencil Sharpener is just the way you remember it from school. Only better. Designed for a variety of pencil types, it delivers the performance and reliability you expect from X-ACTO.

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